Frequently Asked Questions

Browse though these FAQs to find answers to commonly asked questions. If you still cannot find the answer you’re looking for, please reach out to us using any of the methods on the Contact us page.

Does infomaptic work with ArcGIS Server services or do I have to use ArcGIS Online?

Infomaptic allows you to use map and feature services hosted on ArcGIS Server as long as they are not secured. If you want to be able to use secure services, you will need to host them in ArcGIS Online, or to federate your ArcGIS Server with Portal.

Do you plan on adding graphs?

Yes, we are! Graphs are next on the list of features we want to add to infomaptic. If you have suggestions on what we should work on next, please let us know!

Can infomaptic do batch reports?

As of right now, infomaptic does not allow the creation of batch reports through the web interface. However batch processing is possible and we can help you set it up. Contact us .

Does infomaptic have an API?

Yes! Check out our API documentation for more info.

What type of licensing do you offer?

We offer 3 license types.

  • Shared SaaS, which is the solution available at We own and maintain the hardware and the software. This solution is used by all users who subscribe to infomaptic so it cannot be customized to your needs.
  • Dedicated SaaS. We deploy a copy of infomaptic on a dedicated server for your organization. We own and maintain the hardware and the software, but since this is your own copy of infomaptic, we can add custom functionality specifically for you.
  • On premise installation. You purchase a copy of the software and install it within your organization on your own servers. You own the hardware and the copy of the software you purchased and are responsible for maintaining both. You pay us a yearly maintenance fee and we help you with support issues and provide bug fixes in the form of patches.

What happens to my GIS data? Does it get copied to your server?

Absolutely not! Your data is in ArcGIS and it stays there. We don’t even store the report templates. They are stored as items in your ArcGIS. The only thing we store is information about your infomaptic subscription. That means, your contact information, the license you purchased, and how many report views you have generated.

Does infomaptic work with non-spatial data?

Infomaptic is a feature reporting tool for ArcGIS. It was primarily designed to work with ArcGIS data. That being said, if you have both spatial and non-spatial data and you want to create reports for both but don’t want to buy 2 different reporting applications, we can easily enable you to add non-spatial data sources. After all, ArcGIS databases are relational databases and so it’s all SQL in the background anyway. Contact us for details.

What is the difference between Basic, Standard, and Premium Support?

  • Basic support is provided through our contact channels. We will help point you to documentation and log bugs and engancement requests you report.
  • Standard support is the same as Basic Support, but we will also provide limited assistance with creating templates. Enhancements requsted by customers under Standard Support will be prioritized higher.
  • Premium Support is the most complete level of support we offer. Support requests from premium members are prioritized and premium members receive assistance with template creation as well as minor customizations and enhancements as part of the support plan. Please note that customizations are only available for Dedicated SaaS or On Premise license types.

I found a bug! How do I report it?

We strive to make infomaptic the best and most robust reporting tool out there. Send us a message through any of the methods on this page and we will address the issue ASAP.

Do you offer discounts for non-profits?

We sure do! Contact us for details.